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Are you looking for a large office space for rent or sale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? Are you planning to expand your business to other areas or looking for an office space that will accommodate the operations of your business? If so, it is important to find an office space that meets the needs of your business. It is also important to find an office space that feels like a large home office, so that you feel right at home in your own work space.

Moving into a new office space is a big change and most time can be a daunting task. As the leading professional office space solutions specialist, we can help you to find a large office space for rent/lease or sale which can meet your requirements (e.g. preferred location, size (square feet), type of building, etc) and topped with security features and amenities which you consider to be of high priority. Why not contact us now? CALL (+6)016-2126193/ EMAIL: for more details.

What is a Large Office Space?

If you post the question of "What is a large office space?” to the real estate agents, they will probably give you different views, such as the office space with the size of 5,000 square feet or above is considered a large office space. Some may be of the view that an office space with the size of 10,000 square feet or above is a large office space. To us, the size really doesn’t matter but most importantly, we are able to secure you your dream large office space FAST. We shall ensure that the office property is suitable for your and able to support your business operations. We are open to hearing your wants and needs so that we can secure you what you want. Why not share with us your requirements now? CALL (+6)016-2126193/ EMAIL: and feel free to use our services.

Types of Large Office Spaces

We have access to a range of large office spaces for rent or sale which can cater to any business as follows:

Conventional Large Office Spaces

The conventional office spaces are most commonly available in Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley. Whether you are looking for a fully or partly furnished office space or even a bare office unit, we can make your search a breeze. There are various designs for you to choose from. Whether you prefer the design of a work space with open layout, private office layout, shared work space or cubicles, just share with us your preference. We shall help you to secure your dream office in no time. Leverage on our networks and extensive industry experience. Let us save you time and money in securing your ideal work space.

Flexible Large Office Space

We can find you a large office space for rent located within prime office center, including serviced office, virtual office, shared office, executive office suites and co-working space. These flexible office packages offer flexible lease terms coupled with impressive professional business supports.

Large MSC Status Office Space

MSC status offices are specially designed for MSC status companies. These office spaces are located within the heart of Cybercentre or Cybercity. They are equipped with modern facilities and state-of-the-art information and communication technology systems. This work space is a must for any reputable top-notch ICT or technology based business or company. Want to secure the perfect MSC status office? Isn’t it high time to speak to our MSC status office specialist now? CALL (+6)016-2126193/ EMAIL:

Large Grade A Office Space

We can help you to secure impressive work space within an integrated Grade A corporate office tower.  We understand that the address of your workplace represent your business image and branding. With that in mind, we shall make sure that your office space is located within the prime spot of the city’s business, commercial and transportation hub. With the great view of the city, you can now impress your clients and give your staff a great scenery to work in.  Your perfect work place is facilitated with concierge service and topped with boardroom, conference, meeting, functions and training room. Imagine working in a luxuriously furnished office surrounded by multinational companies, hotels, mall, recreation park, entertainment, dining and retail outlets. Isn’t this what you really want?

Large Office Space Within Green Building

As businesses are becoming more "green" conscious, the development of green buildings are now common. If you and your company are all about doing your part for the environment, then we can help you find a large office space for rent within a certified green building topped with cutting-edge green technology.

Large Office Building

If you are just looking for a large office building, we have the resources to help you in finding one as well. Whether you are looking for office space with a few levels of huge floor plates or an office building, we can help you to secure it.  Just share with us the features, requirements or specifications that you desire from your dream large office space or building and leave the rest of the works to us. Our main goal is to save you time, money and worry so that you can just focus on managing your business. Contact us now. CALL (+6)016-2126193/ EMAIL:

How We Can Help?

We are your one-stop-centre for large office space for rent or sale. We are the leading professional office space solution specialist who specialise in this niche property segment. We cover the whole market and we know the market inside out. We are fast, dependable and our top priority is to secure you your dream office fast. We know how to negotiate for the best rental rate or sale price and get you the terms favourable to you. Let us help you to seal the deal. Best of all, the services rendered by us and our expert advice are all free. What are you waiting for? Contact us now. CALL (+6)016-2126193/ EMAIL:

How the Process Works

We adopt an easy and hassle-free process:

  1. Let us know what you are looking for in an office space or building (i.e. size, budget, preferred locations, moving-in deadline, design, types, floor, number of rooms, etc.), then we will match you with the offices or buildings available in the local market.
  2. We shall schedule a free tour for you to view the potential office space or building.
  3. Once you have made the decision on which office space or building you want to house your business, then we will negotiate to get you the best rental rate or sale price.
  4. We seal the deal and you are ready to move into your new office!

Our team of specialist has a shared goal of helping you to home your business fast. Work with the best. Why not secure your dream large office for rent or sale now? Give us a call NOW at (+6)016-2126193 or email: for more details.

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